Saturday 1st  December 11.00am


Saturday 22nd December 2018 

Wichenford (The Fox) 
Depart 09.00am

and then something like this 

Worcester Guildhall
arrive 15.45pm approx   leave16.45 

To our kind hosts at the refreshment stations:
Please be prepared for about 60 thirsty real ale drinkers arriving around the times above!

The following dress was that originally upon (From Scrap Book):
Black face,
White shirt with rags or ribbons, 
Black breeches, 
Brown wool stockings,  ( Tend to be green, lavender, hiking socks)
Black shoes  
Dark (undecorated) trilby hat.  (some decoration now accepted)
The final arrangement was that the ribbons would be 18 in number, each 1.5 inches by 12 inches.  
A turquoise sash and bellpads were added,  there is no stipulation on which shoulder the sash will be worn."